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Default Re: "COH DX10 Patch Available Today"

Originally Posted by HaVoK19
WOW.....big difference.

@ J-Mag:

erm, i donno...but i can look.

Both of these shots are in dx10

Ive circled the 2 rifles with my super duper ms paint pencil here in the first one

and in the second pic, one of the rifles is like.....gone. I saw it flyin through the air, but didnt catch it in time for the screenie

This shot is in dx9. The rifle was in the hands of an unsuspecting US soldier who happend to meet a shell at the exact moment it hit the ground.

The rifle is just hardly moving here. But after it stopped, it apperently got sucked into the sand....cuz it was gone after it stopped moving.
So maybe the "litter" objects are just the remains of dead vehicles/soldiers etc...
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