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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

The poll is too binary for me. At this point in time, I'm "somewhat satisfied".

I tend to agree with Ken that simply open-sourcing the drivers is likely not a cure-all.

I agree that providing the hardware specs and whatever else is necessary for a driver developer to implement drivers for their GPUs would be a good thing. After all, they aren't charging for the Linux driver anyway.

I certainly wish that from a user perspective, display configuration was as easy and straightforward on GNU/Linux (of whatever flavor) as on MacOS or Windows. This of course requires cooperation between the / Xfree folks and the GPU manufacturers and driver implementors. But one can hope.

I recently moved my work/personal environment from Windows to Ubuntu, and it has largely gone fairly easy except for the @!#$% display stuff. I still don't have hot-plugging of external monitors working, and that is necessary in my biz (protocol specification & standards development) as I go to lots of meetings and give presos and such. Luckily I have some time still before my next meeting.

AND I do all my own sysad for my own lapstation and not having stuff work out of the box costs time from my day job and I can't consume an unlimited amount of said cycles.

I really wish manufacturers such as nVidia would bite the bullet and invest more fully in Linux support. It's a chicken& egg problem -- if they did, it'd help in having a wider breadth of folks be able to use it as opposed to the current market leader. Right now, with simply the external monitor thing not working out of the box, there's a bunch of folks I can't encourage to migrate (even tho many of them are looking askance at Vista, and realize XP et al won't be supported forever).

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