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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

Originally Posted by pe1chl
In my opinion, open-sourcing the drivers is probably not going to fix any problems real soon. Look at the state of other large-and-complex open source projects, e.g. Mozilla or OpenOffice. They have open bugs that have remained open for a decade, even when they would seem to be easy to fix.
Hi pe1chl,

Your comparison is simply not fair. Mozilla and OpenOffice are large-scale projects whose size and complexity dwarf that of a video graphics driver. You could convince yourself of this if only you tried to download and compile any of the two on your own. I am an experienced Linux user and I can compile Mozilla, but I cannot even manage compile OpenOffice myself, due to limitations of my computer and of myself.

On the contrary of what you state, we can look at these incredible pieces of software as beautiful testimonies of what open source can accomplish. Because of them, many people nowadays can browse the net freely. They can edit texts, make presentations and do complex calculations for free and stay 100% legal. Due to their ubiquity though, it is not hard to take for granted their real value.

Yes, these softwares might have bugs that remained unsolved for almost a decade, but you know this only because their respective projects have open bug-tracking systems. This is one big advantage of open source projects. Anyone can obtain information about what is being done or not, and everyone can contribute to the benefit of all.

All software have bugs. This is a mathematical certainty. However, Mozilla and OpenOffice are quite usable, stable and reliable, and their support is great. This is certainly not the case with nVidia drivers.
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