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Default But...But I thought Neo was going to bring victory to the HD-DVD Camp?

As expected...

The two “Pirates” films sold a combined total of nearly 47,000 units, while the higher-priced “Matrix” sets sold about 13,900 units.

In dollars, there was much more parity, since the single-disc “Pirates” releases fetched about $25 in stores, while the “Matrix” sets, each with all three movies in the franchise, were priced significantly higher. The five-disc “The Ultimate Matrix Collection” lists for $119.99, with an price of $73.95, while “The Complete Matrix Trilogy” (three discs) goes for $99.99 (Amazon, $63.95)
I can only wait and see what Spiderman #s will look like once released on Blu-Ray

Its the article titled "High-Def Titles Battle It Out"

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