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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

It's actually not even necessary to point to OOo or Mozilla when discussing Open drivers, currently the ATI Fglrx stuff either doesn't work or barely works on many user machines. And what did work for the last months? The free, xorg ati/radeon drivers. That's what runs, and has run for years now, some of my boxes, and I can promise you those drivers are massively less headache than the ATI garbage is. And if you want to run Beryl composite stuff, forget the non free ATI junk, you need to use xorg free ati/radeon drivers.

So the idea that free drivers can't work is pretty hard to demonstrate, even with closed hardware specs, people are getting them running. Imagine what they could do with open specs! The idea that free drivers can't compete just isn't holding up at all. And that's with huge handicaps like having to reverse engineer everything.

Anyway, whether or not nVidia will see the light on this particular question would certainly help me decide whether or not I want to select the satisfied option, the binary method just isn't at all convincing to me at the moment.

Hopefully as free software gets more prevalent in the world, this kind of discussion will stop being necessary, since non free binaries have no place long term in the kernel, they can't even run on today's advanced configurations.
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