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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

I've been quite pleased with Nvidia's Linux graphics driver since I switched over to Nvidia a few years ago after getting so very tired of fighting with ATI cards under Linux. All boxen get Nvidia cards now. (even customers... on Windows)

I was leery at first, thinking the proprietary driver was going to hold me back on what kernel versions I could use, but so far every time the glue wouldn't compile for me I've come here and either found code snippets/patches or a beta that works. (currently using 100.14.06 on LInux 2.6.22-rc3 and everything is happy)

Yes, certainly I'd very much love to see the specs opened up, but I'm grateful to have good quality support in this form. Please keep it up.

Really, I could not be happier with my games in Linux. The same games certainly work as well or better than they did when I tried them in Windows. I play Sauerbraten, Doom3 (and mods), Quake 4, and UT2004 mostly.
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