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Default Re: The E6320 OC Adventure :)

Originally Posted by PeterJensen
YAY for me

So i got the system up and running with Vista and are now ready to do the OC.
Asus P5B
2 GB OCZ Gold
Stock cooler for now (some might remember that i got the Zalman Ufo in another thread but i sucks donkey balls so i will be getting a Zalman 9500 later today)

Ran into some problem at 333 fsb but after i googled the issue i found that i need to go straight to 400 fsb.

I'm now runnuing:

7x400 = 2.8 ghz. 48c idle on the cpu.

I will be going further with the Zalman 9500, but the future looks bright for this little E6320
I am glad you finally got it going man, congratulations. This thread helped me a lot on the ASUS board.
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