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I've been using SaX2 almost the whole time while trying to get this thing to work, but to no avail. I actually got the test to work at 1400x1050 or something like that, but when booting X it just went to 1280x1024 anyways. I've tried everything, believe me. I know the YaST2 setup kinda sucks for the graphics stuff, but I've been using SaX2 the majority of the time. It will work in X, also. I have had it crash a couple times, but right now it has been working fine in X.

The reason I want that high of a resolution is because when it originally worked, I thought it just looked beautiful. Everything was in proportion and looked nice. After going down to 1280x1024, things looked too big. The fonts were way oversized, and I had to change the settings to make them look normal (size 9 is what I changed it to).

Also, because I know it can handle the higher resolution, I want the capability to use it. I'm kind of a perfectionist, you see, and it drives me nuts when I can't get things just the way I like them. :-) This is why Linux can sometimes drive me insane. I'll never leave it though. I love it too much..hehe

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