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Default Re: A Problem

Originally posted by hedrums
I still play Janes F/A-18, and it has a problem with the new drivers (Det 40), at least on my system. Water now looks, well, stupid. The water texture is messed up (big, flat areas that tile poorly), plus the radio text is superimposed on the water in huge, backwards lettering!

It looks very odd. Does anyone else here still play this sim? Have you experienced the same thing, or does it work for you?

Try changing the default setting for Anisotropic filters from x0 (which appears to be a blurry mess) to x2.

It appears that x0 is the default and its results are something like point sampling. x1 looks to be isotropic, while x2, x4 * x8 working like they should:

From Neeyik over on B3D:
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