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Default Re: Anti-spam policy

If someone would promote me to moderator and allow me to find the IP address of those posting the SPAM I would promise to:

1) Isolate the IP address of the destination spam domain, find the ISP or colocation provider, and report it to their abuse department. If necessary I will speak to the on the phone to convey the seriousness of spam.

2) From the IP address of the offending poster contact their ISP's abuse department and attempt to have service terminated. If necessary I will get on the phone with them as well.

I have zero tolerance for SPAM. If MikeC or the others have faith in me to not abuse the "IP address of poster" I will summon an anti-spam fury on a cataclysmic level. Nothing makes a spammer STFU up quicker than getting dropped from their ISP. We'll see how precious that IPOD they're trying to win becomes when they can't find an ISP in their entire f'n state to connect them.
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