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Default Re: DVDTalk: Terminator 2 HD DVD beats T2 Blu-Ray

Originally Posted by evilchris
I beg to differ. I have BOTH Pirates movies right now from Netflix and own The Matrix trilogy. The Matrix HD DVD's are the best I have *ever* seen.

BTW wtf does "MS" have to with HD DVD and home theater? Lose your PS3 fanboyism and focus on MOVIES instead.

Would you like to compare "my little world" to yours? I've been into this before you sprouted your first little PS3 boner and have been into high end A/V for over a decade. You are a little kid who bought the latest gaming console and thinks he's an authority on HD by reading teh internetz. Fact is I have a superior HD DVD player over yours, a superior BD player over yours, a superior pre/pro over yours, and a superior display over yours. You're the one locked inside a little world.
No, I just base my decisions on more than one source. You seem to discount everything other than your own opinion. I mentioned MS b/c they seem to have a heavy hand in what is going on at AVS and that's your golden source. It doesn't matter if I provide 20 links from hi-def sites with people contradicting what you say, you just dismiss it as fodder b/c you have the ultimate in HT and always know better than everyone else, lol.

I don't care if your equipment is superior to mine, I'm not trying to compete with you. I just find it funny that you dismiss articles, reviews, etc. by people that judge hi-def day in and day out just b/c it doesn't suit whatever cause you're for.

I don't consider myself locked in a little world b/c I actually form my own opinions and research the stuff I'm interested in. I said you were b/c you just seem to ask someone what to think and also seem to discount any other sources of info that doesn't jive with your already formed conclusions. Maybe narrow-minded would have been a better way to put it.

Also, I never claimed to be an A/V expert. When I provide info, it's info I've found from various hi-def sites. Like the 5 sites I quoted above. When I said that movies using the same video codecs would look the same (and sometimes even when not using the same codec they look the same), I was mostly talking about all the reviews at hidefdigest, not my own opinion. No need to take my word for it, just look at any of the hi-def sites.
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