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Default Re: DVDTalk: Terminator 2 HD DVD beats T2 Blu-Ray

Originally Posted by evilchris
Yeah.... 50 gigabytes should look better than 30 gigabytes. I don't what's going on here. Maybe they are fanboys.
Mmmm...not necessarily. I can see where HD-DVD has an advantage, namely they are a bit more strict as far as quality control goes in that they set higher minimum standards than the Blu-Ray camp has set.

Blu-Ray indeed has the physical capability of going further than HD-DVD does, by quite a long shot. However, both content producers and hardware manufacturers are allowed to be a lot more lazy when it comes to making blu-ray products.

Just as an example, manufacturers are allowed to make blu-ray players that don't support dolby truehd at all, and content producers are allowed to make discs that don't include truehd tracks. HD-DVD on the other hand, all discs are required to have a truehd soundtrack, and all device manufacturers are required to include truehd playback support.

Again, that is just an example, as there are many other bits and pieces specifying color accuracy, encoding quality and other technical bits that I for the most part have little understanding of, where HD-DVD sets a higher minimum standard than blu-ray from what I have heard.

But remember that in spite of that, it is still physically possible for blu-ray content to go further than HD-DVD, just not required.

Personally I have little to no interest in investing in either format right now.

EDIT: Oh, I see you were being sarcastic Well, what I said still stands. I really don't favor either format, so you effectively have my objective opinion anyways.
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