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Default Re: New Receiver on the way!

I just bought a Pioneer VSX-816-K today at best buy myself. I am probably working on a lower budget than most of you guys though, lol. My goal here is just for a receiver that produces nice accurate 5.1 sound mostly for games on my PC and occasional movie watching. Nothing overly loud, and no video functions (no dvd, switching, etc, as I really don't need these.)

Anyways, I am in a similar predicament: I am trying to figure out what speakers to buy for this. I am currently building a new sound system to replace a "home theater in a box" I bought way back in 2002. I've already spent $250 of my $750 budget which I am thinking of maybe overspending by a hundred or so.

Originally Posted by evilchris
Thanks to companies like Sony and Pioneer, HDMI will never stabilize. You just have to deal with the issues.
I've decided to say f*ck HDMI for audio for the next few years. I think that like most digital audio technologies, it is going to be grossly underutilized in the consumer space for quite some time. So much more potential than spdif/toslink/adat, yet at the same time so useless.
Want to listen to audio without your computer going to sleep? Try this.

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