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Default Re: if im benchmarking...

Originally posted by Matthius
when im using 3dmark, what should my settings be in properties on the desktop thingie? should i have aa off as well as texture sharpening? and what about that other thingie and texture quality?
to get best score... you normally reduce all your IQ to performance/best performance or whatever the control panel says...

since I have not used any dets in the 3x.xx series and higher I am not aware of the other settings so I will let the experts help you out there

the less the IQ.. the higher the score should be... per se... in the range of perhaps a few hundred 3dmarks on 3dmark03... dunno what it would be on 3dmark2001SE for nvidia cards... my variance from performance to quality settings is not that great... so I just bench on balanced all the time...

and yes.. AA/AF should be turned off unless you specifically want to bench and check scores with it turned on..
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