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Originally posted by deejaya
This is interesting. If you read the PDF, you find that although not as great a difference, the ATI drivers were found to be "detecting" 3dMark too.

Makes you feel all warm inside when you know the only alternative (to all those people banging on about trust) is Matrox.
Matrox probably just hasn't been important enough to scrutinize yet. Besides, they have enough problems as it is

To the topic at hand:

I have to say I am VERY impressed with this statement from Futuremark. I hope they continue to release reports like this about cheats/unexplainable performance. This will do alot towards making 3DMark a worthy benchmark, instead of a nice demo that shows some numbers at the end. (which is what all the previous versions have been to me)

Please please please keep watching out for stuff like this guys. It is interesting to see that Ati might also have their hand in the cookie jar.
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