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I don't have the time to look this up, but it just goes to show what a bunch of freakin' liars nVidia have turned into...

The aforementioned quote went something like this...

"We don't think that 3DMark2003 is a good benchmark. Do you really want our engineers to spend X amount of time optimizing for a synthetic benchmark that we don't feel is representative of real games, or spend it optimizing our drivers for real/actual/shipping games?"

And they went on to say something like...

"nVidia doesn't optimize for specific titles, rather, general pipeline optimizations..."

I know these quotes aren't word-for-word, but off the top of my head, they're very close...

Once you think about the total BS that has been coming from nVidia, think about this...Because of all this crap, guess who has to spend the time to correct the code to account for such practices? Yep, not nVidia...FutureMark has to then dedicate some of their resources to addressing this crap that probably should be doing other more important things.
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