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Default To make sure yer player does NOT deinterlace it's output?

I want to make sure that my PRJs superior deinterlacer is doing that conversion and not my DVD player or HD TiVo.

So am I correct in thinking since there is no, "turn off the deinterlacer in either as an option", to set the DVD player and HD TiVO to 1080i mode? Thus feeding my PRJ an interlaced signal which it will then have to run it's Kung Fu on? Since the PRJ is set to progressive?

It also makes me wonder what happens when all devices can output a 1080p signal. I really don't want a potentially crappier deinterlacer converting over air signals to 1080p then feeding it to my PRJ. I wish they would include some way to turn that off.

Or am I just not understanding all of this? Some one once said something like even if your PRJ is fed a crappy 1080p conversion it's own progressive engine, if superior, will make it look even better. True or false?
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