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Default Benefits of using two SLI-enabled cards under Linux?

I'm trying to figure out whether or not it would be worth it to purchase two SLI-enabled cards for use with the Blender application under a recent Linux distro. Has anyone experienced a performance increase specifically with the Blender application under Linux by using two SLI-enabled cards (of course, using the same make and manufacturer, not different cards)?

One of the cards I'm considering purchasing is
xfxforce page for NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT 256MB DDR3 HDCP Extreme (PV-T71J-UHE4)
. I'm not stuck on using that specific card or manufacturer; speed and reliability are important, and don't mind paying for it. Oh, and the card will need to go into a AMD64 AM2 based motherboard.

I've not purchased either the motherboard or video card yet, as one may drive the purchase of the other. That is, I believe the cards have to be adjacent, so if the card requires a x16 slot, the motherboard should have the two x16 slots side by side. If my reasoning for that is wrong, I'm hoping someone will call me on it.


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