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Default Re: Composite and DamageEvents

I've emailed the address referenced in

2 other minor things of note when I tried installing the beta drivers:

1. with an X11BASE adjusted to /usr/local as things are now with the new Xorg installs, I found I needed to adjust LIBDIR for driver extension and lib:

LIBDIR= ${X11BASE}/lib/xorg/modules

2. As I believe is noted in the instructions, nvidia-settings needs to be reinstalled. What was a bit troublesome about this was that I had a working version installed from ports (nvidia-settings 1.0), and this ended up overwriting that, requiring me to reinstall nvidia-settings from ports.

Best wishes and thanks for the drivers. I'm sure I speak for anyone using these drivers on FreeBSD when I say thanks a million. I'm guessing NVIDIA has no commercial interest in the platform (aside from perhaps helping in make the drivers core more solid across all platforms), and so we really appreciate the attention to looking into bugs :-)
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