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Before everyone hops on the "OMG!! these are awesome" bandwagons, you need to really use these drivers. It appears that Nvidia is up to their old tricks here. To get the higher framerates, they are.... <drum roll>... dropping frames again!!! The smoothness of the display compared to the previous drivers is shocking to say the least.

Also, someone touched on this earlier but the IQ is dropping and has steadily continued to drop. If you take screenshots of games using pre-29.xx series drivers (older the driver, the better) and compare them to the newest drivers, you'll a fair amount of difference in the Anti-Aliasing (Quincunx) quality. This is another way they are "improving" performance.

Before anyone gets too rosy a picture, you need to head to the Nvidia Newsgroup and read up on what's happening. People are having big time problems with these drivers.

Hey NvNews, instead of being a fanboy site, how about doing a real review for once?

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