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Default NVidia and XRandR 1.2

Do we have any information on whether the driver team are working to make the NVidia Linux driver fully compatible with the new XRandR 1.2 spec? I just installed the new Beta Nvidia driver today with the hopes that it might have added support for the new spec, but when I try and use XRandR to setup Xinerama it crashes my entire system and is unrecoverable, requiring a hard reboot.

A little background on my setup and what I did to cause the crash:

Ubuntu Gutsy running xserver-xorg 7.2-0ubuntu12 (xserver-xorg-core

2x NVidia 6600GT 128MB SLI (currently not running in SLI mode)
2x 19" LCD monitors (1 attached to each card)

NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.06-pkg1 Driver

I installed displayconfig-gtk which is a gnome frontend to XRandR 1.2 and then went to the Dual Display tab where it already had the second monitor set to RightOf the first. I clicked on Test to try it and I got dumped to a naked Xsession (big black X for cursor and a black/white mesh effect background) one of the monitors display was corrupted by a thick black band about 30% across from the left edge. Attempting to Alt+Ctrl+Backspace results in the display becoming very heavily artifacted before display eventually shuts off with a No Signal error. Attempting to switch to another VT to manually shut down Xorg has the same effect, no VT switch happens, the screen just becomes heavily artifacted and then displays shuts off with a No Signal error. Hard reboot required.

I wouldn't recommend anyone actually tries to reproduce the error as the fact the monitors shutdown is a little concerning.

So, are there plans to support XRandR 1.2 anytime soon please?


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