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A very well-written document, which answered every single point that people have made in nVidia's defence.

I guess you could call this a 'smoking gun'.

I'll be interested to see what comes out of the ATi cheat allegation as well - I found that part a little confusing, as the document seemed to contradict itself:

NVIDIA’s certain products had a performance drop of as much as
24.1% while competition’s products performance drop stayed within the margin of error of 3%.
Our investigations reveal that some drivers from ATI also produce a slightly lower total score on
this new build of 3DMark03. The drop in performance on the same test system with a Radeon
9800 Pro using the Catalyst 3.4 drivers is 1.9%. This performance drop is almost entirely due to
8.2% difference in the game test 4 result, which means that the test was also detected and
somehow altered by the ATI drivers. We are currently investigating this further.
Not to deny that ATi are cheating (that seems pretty much clear-cut), but those two statements I just quoted seem to go against one another.

And to all the people saying that this proves how useless synthetic benchmarks are, I suggest you read the FutureMark 'audit' document a little more thoroughly and digest the points made within it.
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