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Originally posted by saturnotaku
[b]Did you miss the part where FutureMark said the test was altered by ATI drivers?
Yes I noticed it. So? Fact is that it's 1.9% whch is really minor and overall within the margin of error. Whereas the 24% drop with NV is HUGE and in no wa or form within margin of error. Yet large part of people here flame Ati and not NV. I guess they just can't accept the fact that their precious NV was caugh cheating with their pants down.

I think this whole thing is only further going to invalidate 3DMark as a reasonable benchmark.
I think this does exactly the opposite. It shows that FM is actively making sure that companies don't cheat on the benchmark.

Now, I know many here dislike 3DMark because NV dislikes it as well. But the fact is that it's not FM that can be blamed for the errors in the benchmark, it has been NV that has done it's best to destroy that benchmark. Instead of telling how worthless 3DMark is, why don't you tell to NV that "Hey! Stop screwing around with 3Dmark!"?

You all can sit here and whine about what NVIDIA and ATI did or didn't do. But I'm going to take my cards and use them for what they were intended - to play games. That's all that should ever matter.
Of course, gaming is the thing we use those cards for. Yet benchmarks like 3DMark serve a purpose. And I still find it really funny that 3DMark was A-OK back when NV supported it. Now that they don't, many have started to parrot their stand on the issue. I guess those people blindly believe everything NV spoon-feds.

If any card is found to be cheating in games, that's a different matter. But it's 3DMark, and I can't play it so I don't care.
And the fact is that NV CHEATED! Flame 3DMark all you want, fact remains that NV resorted to dishonest methods.

Heh, I just love to watch you folks squirm around this issue . "But but... it's only 3DMark, therefore it doesn't matter if NV cheats! Yeah, that's it.". Like it or not, many OEM's use 3DMark when they are evaluating 3D-cards for their machines, so it IS an important benchmark.
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