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<feels cheated (no pun intended)>

I don't know about you but this really does make me distrust nvidia so much now.... after what happened with the NV30. Suddenly doing a u-turn and 'erasing' the 5800 from existance (on their site etc) then making fun of it in a small video clip leaked to the net. To top that off now their drivers really are proven to cheat and inflate scores in order to decieve people into picking one product over another.

Gutted.... i was all for looking at the 5900 Ultra's at one point. Now im not so sure...

Im just thankful i jumped to ATI when i did, i was starting to think if i had done the right thing but now im sure i did.

So then, can someone now confirm - With this new build and the 5800 Ultra what is the score? I used to get around 5202... im assuming that now that would be about 3500-3700?

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