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Default Re: How to use nvclock (GTK)

Originally Posted by Bugmaker
Hello everyone,

can someone explain me, how I can unlock the pipelines of my geforce 6800le? I useing Ubuntu 7.04 server and have installed nvclock +nvclock-gtk. Now I cant see a way to onlock the pipelines. I have no idea how to do this.

Can someone help me?
Can't help with nvclock +nvclock-gtk since have never used them. However, am very interested to know why you think they can unlock pipes in 6800's GPU ?

Rivatuner is original and best program for unlocking pipes on any 6800 ---> assuming of course that it uses a NV40 type GPU. Be very surprised if it can be used with Ubuntu however ?

Maybe more important is that to aviod all O/S or driver change issues, it's actually best to fix your chosen pipes setting through bios modding ---> so is nvclock capable of that?

And as it happens, using bios level unlocking also allows the option to just flash your card with a 6800 bios that is already unlocked at 16x1,6vp, or whatever. So if interested, then have a read through the linked thread below because it has very usefull information on bios mods; plus some sample unlocked 6800 bioses,

It is most important to note however that you should never flash with a bios whose core/memory speeds are higher than your own card is known to be capable of? Which for your 6800le, could mean somewhere around 410/900 ??


Easy to find websites on nvclock (, which show "Pipeline modding for Geforce6 cards" is definately a feature by version 0.8, however, so far haven't found anywhere showing an item by item breakdown of how each nvclock feature actually works ?

So Bugmaker, you would have a better chance getting what you want by directly contacting the developer, or searching linux forums ?

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