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Originally posted by BigBerthaEA
Well, at least you are consistent.... I don't see anything positive in your comments here. Just more flame bait. Thanks, but I am not interested.

And you really don't know why nVidia is not responding to your emails?
Didn't your momma teach you NOT to feed the trolls?

There was lots positive in me comment, but most of it was at your expense I'll grant.

Have ya contacted any of your chums at nVidia who you have such a great relationship with? What's their take on the latest news out of Futuremark, or is that just another case of sour grapes?
[SIZE=1][I]"It was very important to us that NVIDIA did not know exactly where to aim. As a result they seem to have over-engineered in some aspects creating a power-hungry monster which is going to be very expensive for them to manufacture. We have a beautifully balanced piece of hardware that beats them on pure performance, cost, scalability, future mobile relevance, etc. That's all because they didn't know what to aim at."
-R.Huddy[/I] [/SIZE]
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