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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

I think it's a difficult time for nVidia. At the moment they are not doing exactly a good work, or maybe it's good but few. I think they still have problems with their Vista drivers and put all effort in fixing them. One must only look at the release intervals in the past. Until December last year it was about 1 month and one could see that heavy work was in progress. I'm really grateful for the AIGLX support, but it seems like in the last 9 months the developers have "better" things to do.

Off course it would be more than great if nVidia would opensource their drivers. But one must understand that there's a war going on, mostly between nVidia and AMD/ATI and none of them would risk to give the "enemy" any information. I think it's really horrible, but I believe this is the reality of the managers working for these companies. I've heard about some guy telling that AMD/ATI want to open source their drivers, but its hardly for me to believe that this will happen. It would be a real revolution in my opinion, but such big companies do not care for revolutions.

Bottomline.. at the moment I'm (obviously) not satisfied with nVidia, but they have (by far) the better drivers so, as there's no alternative I'll keep using and recommending their products. Off course, if I would buy a laptop, it would be definitely one with an Intel card.

Greetings to everybody!!
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