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The Baron
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Jesus Christ, why are we supposed to "trust" a company? A company is designed for one thing--to get YOU to give YOUR MONEY to THEM. I don't trust ATI, I don't trust NVIDIA--I look at performance, cost, and image quality (not necessarily in that order), and then I'll make a decision. I have no brand loyalty--I just buy what's best at the time.

I do, however, have a deep-seated hatred for Futuremark--if Futuremark didn't exist, then we'd be getting benchmarks from games. So if we were getting benchmarks from games, then the companies would optimize for games. And even if they did cheat a la the NVIDIA 3DMark cheats, then we (AS A COMMUNITY) would be able to tell--not some guy with a developer edition.

Hell, release an edition to everyone that allows you to change the camera, Futuremark. Then I'll believe that you don't suck.