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Default Re: 1.0-9755 CIUOverlay and overlays broken


I'm familiar with this as we are in fact software developers ourselves. That said, your post and the information contained in the link bear no relevance to the aforementioned issue.

Please note the simple issue - CIOverlay and Overlay do not work in conjunction with the current driver as they have with past drivers. You should be able to duplicate this yourself with FC5 x86_64 given the xorg.conf file provided and the uname -a referred to in the posting. Enabling both results in color indexed overlays NOT displaying at all.

I will however enclose a logfile from the xserver which may prove useful. Please note that the installer log was examined and there is nothing of interest in the install log other than noting that the driver did install without issue.

Look for the log file in a coming post.

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