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Originally posted by The Baron
[b]How many people do you see with Unreal Tournament 2003 scores in their sigs? Or Comanche 4 scores? Or anything like that?
So it's FM's fault if people put their 3DMark-scores in their sigs instead of their UT2K3-score?

Uh, OK...

Tell me: is FM forcing them to do that or something?

No individual benchmarks games anymore because he assumes that 3DMark will give him a score that magically corresponds to his performance in actual stuff.
Not quite. All websites I know run several benchmarks using several apps. And all people I know do the same when they benchmark their cards.

And again: you blame FM for something that peope freely choose to do? I bet you also support the fatsos who sued McDonalds because "McD made us fat!"
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