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Default Re: What is everyone using for Overclocking E6600?

Originally Posted by ikjadoon
Cooler Master Hyper TX running at about 2000RPM.

4 x 120mm fans on side panel running around 1200RPM or less, I think.

This OC, however, is NOT mine. I didn't OC it a bit. All done by Overdrive PC, so they might've done some tricks or something to it.


Hi guys I meant what software are you guys using to overclcok. Using Ntune I can't get my system overclock past 2808. Even if I try 2887 it BSOD.

Also under the Adjust mother board settings I can only adjust SYSTEM CLOCKS. Nothing under SYSTEM VOLTAGES can be used.

MOBO is a Striker Extreme (680i SLI)
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