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Default Re: What is everyone using for Overclocking E6600?

Originally Posted by newfiejudd
Hi guys I meant what software are you guys using to overclcok. Using Ntune I can't get my system overclock past 2808. Even if I try 2887 it BSOD.

Also under the Adjust mother board settings I can only adjust SYSTEM CLOCKS. Nothing under SYSTEM VOLTAGES can be used.

MOBO is a Striker Extreme (680i SLI)
Ohhhhhhh....It is all through the BIOS. My GPU is even BIOS-flashed. Using nTune to OC your CPU is almost taboo in some places because it isn't very stable/reliable. Trust your BIOS. I wouldn't use nTune on XP and (goodness no) on Vista. I wouldn't feel very safe. Go through the BIOS.

Nah, there has to be a problem there. Voltages have to be able to adjusted on the most premium 680i boards. You must be missing something. Any fellow Striker Extreme users have some help for this guy? Check your manual, it should have something there. What cooling are you using? Don't go above 1.5V on air. 1.5V should have some really nice cooling, too. This is the CPU's voltage, of course. I'm lucky enough to be running 3.5GHz @ 1.4

I wouldn't use AI Booster, either, because it is very coarse and you can get higher OCs with your own two hands.

Overdrive PC Core2.SLI:

Core 2 Duo E6600 @ ~3.5GHz,4GB of DDR2-770, 8800GTS 640MB @ 621/1836, Western Digital 640GB, LITE-ON 20X, CM Stacker 830, Enermax 620W, Vista Ultimate 64-bit

3DMark '06: 10,302
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