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Actually number one should be

A company that pulls out of the benchmark 3 months before release and says "this benchmark doesn't suit us therefore it's invalid" and then they proceed to hack drivers for higher scores. They "fix" their drivers and use this a premise "we told you we didn't like this benchmark and we've showed you how easy it is to inflate scores by lowering the iq, therefore you should not use this benchmark or believe it's an actual indicator of a vga's performance." Then they get caught hardwiring frames into the benchmark on only their LATEST drivers, first by a 3rd party then by the benchmark company itself. And now they haven't said ONE SINGLE WORD about this fiasco but you still cling to the belief that since they told you they cheated with IQ in the 44 dets (45s don't remember) that it's okay? You are delusional nv40.

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