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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

Originally Posted by gmp
Pick a handful of distros, namely Fedora, Suse and maybe Ubuntu and explicitly support them as large players like Autodesk has done.
Um, I agree with making life simplier by not expressively supporting so many distros, but I am not down with the picks. First, the movie studios run neither Fedora or Suse, they usually roll their own. Second, like kriko said, linux is linux. Support the compilation of the Nvidia driver on a vanilla linux kernel and x server system and be done with it. Let all the developers who spend time creating their own minature walled gardens make it work in their flavor of the week distro. Just because a distro is popular does not mean that it sould be better supported than another. If you support the vanilla install, you let the guys that added the complexity, the distro developers, clean the mess up, not the Nvidia guys that had nothing to do with it.
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