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Default Re: Benefits of using two SLI-enabled cards under Linux?

Originally Posted by zander
SLI is supported on 8800 series GPUs as of 1.0-9755, please see
Thanks Zander. That was released in March, and as far as I can tell, that is the first time support for SLI has been introduced for the 8xxx series, right? Its now June, so my gut feel is that is not enough time allowed to shake out any latent bugs in the driver, so I'm leaning to staying with the 7xxx series.

I wonder where I could get hard numbers about performance between the different species of NVidia card specifically on the types of applications I am focused on (CAD, engineering, modeling), versus game apps. Besides, I'm now wondering if I even need the fastest gaming card for my type of applications. I certainly don't want to use a card whose associated driver(s) are not yet deemed stable.

Does anyone know if there is a website that shows a comparison between these species of NVidia card (including Quadro which prefect42 just mentioned) and identifies which types of applications for which they are best suited?

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