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Default Re: Nvidia Crashing With Fedora 7 User Switching

Seems like we are running into missunderstandings: there are two variants
of "simultaneous" X servers for "parallel" user sessions:

From what i understand, the original poster likes to run two X servers
on the same card on different VTs so that he can easily switch between
two user sessions with i.e. CTRL+ALT+F7/F8. Means: only one user
can work at a time, but you can easily switch between the desktops.
Effectivly, two X servers are executed, but only one is running at a time.
This is very handy, i.e. you can start another X server for full screen
gaming and switch to the desktop on the fly - i'm using this variant
for years, however, as told, i experienced rare lockups when switching
between VTs in pre 1.0-8xxx versions of the graphics driver.
This lockups also happend when there was only on X server running
and switching to a text console - there still seem to be a number
of users having this problem. My guess is that it has something
todo with GPU context switching.

The other variant is a "Multiseat" setup where two users can work
at the very same time. This has also been deployed with nvidia hardware
for quite some time, now, but requires a GPU per X server. From time
to time, there is the discussion that since many nvidia cards have
two outputs, it might be a nice thing that two X servers could share
a GPU to have individual desktops on each output separatly, but the
driver doesn't support it. I guess this what netllama meant when she
said that "The NVIDIA driver only supports one X server per GPU." ?!

Dazed and confused by trying to continue ...

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