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Default Re: Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Feedback Thread

Got it, and loving it. It has a few annoying little things like the autopilot'ish controls, but overall it is excellent so far. Much bigger than Legend was. Graphics are about the same as normal mode was in Legend. Screw "next-gen". It was buggy, ran like total ass, and really did not look better. Just different. Some things looked better with it, while others just looked wrong.

A couple handy tips I've learned so far:

1. While guns are drawn, pressing the "use" button reloads weapons.
2. Using manual aim helps hit some items you need to grapple, and pull on, that otherwise your grapple seems to just bounce off of (bugged?).
3. Mouse + Keyboard with weapon mode on "Advanced Toggle" works way better than gamepads in my opinion, but if you insist on simulating a console (poke jab poke), the "Display HUD" button centers the camera behind Lara. Using KB+M is like holding that button at all times unless you move the mouse to look. Much better.
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