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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06
Set negative LOD bias to clamp - and that should help.

Couple of other tips from Phil.

Don't go mad with the TEXTURE_BANDWITH_MULT setting...setting it as high as 400 does you no favors.

Adding this to the cfg file
4000000 is the default in SP1...again don't go mad, and certainly go no higher than 10000000.
I did not understand this posts. OK I should add


what goes in all the X's? You say something about TEXTURE_BANDWITH_MULT setting and im quessing this is it, but you say don't go higher then 400 but 4000000 is the default. Are you talking about two seperate things here, because if so I can't even find TEXTURE_BANDWITH_MULT in my cgf file.

By the way how long is the game suppose to stay blurry, because mine can be blurry for over 15 seconds.

*EDIT* nevermind google help me out
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