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Default Re: Pleaseeeee, help!, Fiesty, Fawn, vs., nvdia, drivers!

Originally Posted by dilipm
What kind of solution is that.....either u guys are very busy or you dont give a damn in explaining the solution....So now I shld read a readme file somewhere you did not even specify.....

You know what....I just the problem fixed from some another forum i posted. It was a simple tweaking in the xorg.conf file...Yes u were atleast somewhat right i guess in guessing it has something to do with vertical sync and resolution...but the solution u just gave is pathetically senseless.
U just explained the damn error in the log file again to me.

..Anyway I dont care about how u answer but I will post the link here...where I got a simple answer. Atleast people with a similar problem will not get ur nonsense suggestions..

Well here is the link.....where I got it solved...yes I actually posted the same problem in many forums...unfortunatly u were the the way sme credit goes to netlama also. who seemed to have forgotten that he actually gave this solution long back to same guy who just helped me in some other forum....any thnks to netlama who forgot the solution.

thnx anyway...srry to be rude...u never replied proplerly ..and when i posted the nvidia logs...ur responses were very silly and hard to was as if u guys were showing off ur nerdiness!!!!!anyway thanx again
You're welcome for the free help you were given.
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