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Default Re: Nvidia Crashing With Fedora 7 User Switching

For clarification:

Yes original post was in reference to running a second X server, but fortunately for those of us experincing it (given this is unsupported) the same problem seems to occur when switching to the console. (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and back (Alt+F7). Stack trace appears to be the same, X session dies when switching back and gdm restarts a new one.

The problem is intermittent but always happens for me eventually. Last night after increasing the X logging I spent a half hour trying to make it occur and could not. Tried again this morning, still no luck, and after working for a few hours tried again, this time it did crash. Other times it happens the first time I try to switch to Ctrl+Alt+F1 console, or to another X session. I can't narrow down exactly what might be causing it or why sometimes it happens immediately.
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