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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Originally Posted by Apollo 13
I did not understand this posts. OK I should add


what goes in all the X's? You say something about TEXTURE_BANDWITH_MULT setting and im quessing this is it, but you say don't go higher then 400 but 4000000 is the default. Are you talking about two seperate things here, because if so I can't even find TEXTURE_BANDWITH_MULT in my cgf file.

By the way how long is the game suppose to stay blurry, because mine can be blurry for over 15 seconds.

If you getting blurries that recover after a few seconds, than is likely you will have to reduce some settings.

*EDIT* nevermind google help me out
Sorry I will try to be more clear - for others looking.

To use the poolsize tweak you must add the lines (just place this at the bottom of the cfg)

The x being the value you set...the default is 4000000 [4mb] (eg poolsize+4000000)

This is the amount of bytes thats allocated for one pool of vertex and index buffers to store geometry.

But you can add a value up to 10000000 - I reckon 6000000 is it would look like this.


Ok I see you've found that anyway but below may be of use.

The TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT is already within the cfg - it's default seems to be 30 to 40. Some people in the past have upped this to as high as 400 or more. But according to Phil Taylor, who deals with terrain at ACES, this will hurt perfomance and is best left at default. I read now, even lowering it can help reduce stutters, esp combined with a locked frame rate.. say 30.

SO for blurries try locking the target frame rate, to say, 30 and reducing the T_B_M to 20. See what happens - you may also have to knock some sliders to the left a bit, if blurries are still a major issue.

Breathemetal is your global texture slider at max? .. also for you add the mipbias=6 line and set negative lod bias to 'clamp' .. use nhancer to make a profile and force high levels of AF & AA. This will improve you visuals without hurting performance.
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