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The last time I checked, we ( nV News ) haven't said anything about these drivers. All we have done is post information and facts taken directly from the press release. I should now, I'm the one who posted it...I took extra care to avoid any case where someone might say that we were slanted or that we were praising them without having tried them. As a result, we had no complaints and nobody had any issues with the post. That is, until some mental-midget decided he was in a bad mood and wanted to go rain on someone's parade.

Unfortunately, this "seasoned-reviewer" failed to open his eyes when he read through this forum. For, if he had actually spent the time to read the posts he would see that all positive remarks are made by people outside of nV News. People wrote positive remarks when they witnessed positive results. I can't imagine how that is biased or false in any way....

There have been a few bugs which have been reported in the thread as well. It should be noted that these drivers are "Beta" and a few bugs are to be expected. Resources such as this thread provide useful feedback to NVIDIA so they can fix these issues for the final release of the driver.

Hey cmsmith, instead of being an ignorant fanboy, how about making a useful and intellignet post for once?

Further proof that some people are miserable and feel as though it is their job in life to make everyone else miserable as well....

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