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Default Re: Pleaseeeee, help!, Fiesty, Fawn, vs., nvdia, drivers!

Originally Posted by evilghost
netllama gave him the answer but evidently it's an insult to refer someone to documentation after finding the culprit/translating the error log.

He was an idiot from the word go, what use is an nvidia-bug-report generated from the 'nv' driver.

Sorry mate ....i know everybody tried to help...but all the reason for my discontent was that what was a simple explanation was made very large..when I thought solution was right there. even surprising this similar problem, was solved by netlama i guess recently ...more suprising both the systems were the same configuration..rather same make... Anyway, I know I was a bit out of bounds...I am sorry if I offended anybody.
One more thing u said after I got the solution here i made silly claims...If u check the last post here, I mean the the post where I said i got the solution that was at about 7:37...and the last post at the ubuntu forum was at 7:07..Well so I definitly got the solution there...I just seemed to check here later then I find the suggestion which I found a bit not very explanatory. Anyway i am sorry again if I offended..Cheers
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