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After setting D3D AF to 1x ( This is really essantial, since 0x is default and it's nearest-point - that's pre-Voodoo stuff! ) , which decreases speed compared to 0x in theory ( not sure in practice, since i didn't have time to test it ) , i tried 3dMark 2001 SE ( just to see how nice the improvements were )

Score increased 6% - Not bad at all

Nature FPS increased by 50% from 40 FPS to 60 FPS.

High Polycount Count ( 8 Light Sources ) remained at 10.4.

Vertex Shader test performance actually DECREASED by about 3% ( Yes, i run EVERY test twice ) - as did a few other tests who decreased by about 2% or less. In other words, nothing major, but certainly no improvement!

Conclusion? This is a GREAT driver set. However, it only gives a boost to PIXEL shaders, not Vertex Shaders, Point Sprites, ...

It is, naturally, a very welcome improvement. But i wonder... What about Geforce4 MX? I'm pretty much certain those cards hardly got any improvement here - but who knows. Anyone got such a result?

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