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Originally posted by PreservedSwine
First, they insinuate ATI is somehow paying to recieve advantages, then claim that not only is futuremark aiding ATI, but is out to get Nvidia. Man, I only hope people will see thorugh this absolute mud-hole. I never dis-liked Nvidia, but this has got me wondering about it. They helped design 3dm03 for 16 out of 20 months, then pulled out of of the program b/c they saw that their hardware simply didn't stack up. The remaining group, of which ATI was one of many technology leaders, finished. Then they cheat, and this mud-slinging is thier response?

Man, I'm left with only one question.

Doesn't anyone feel any shame anymore?
Agreed, While ATI is listed as a strategic beta member... they are there with the likes of Microsoft, Intel, and AMD... do you think any of those other three are inclined to scew results towards ATI?

Then in the next teir of beta members, the "Active BETA Members" we have Creative, Matrox, Sis, and S3... meaning pretty much all the other graphics venders except Trident... which is...

in the third tier, BETA members...

so that said... THE ONLY graphic company not involved anymore is NVidia... and they had a say in the path of 3DMark03 for approximately 90% of its development time... and now are whining that ATI is paying FutureMark off... somehow... I don't think 5 other graphics cards vendors (besides ATI) that are in the BETA program would agree.

So NVidia is bitching because their hardware doesn't perform adequately to DX9 specs.

I have one last question... how much does the BETA enrollment cost? I'd be curious to see... funny that S3 and Trident think it is a worthwhile investment, but mighty and wealthy NVidia does not.

Oh... here is a link to the BETA members...

I did actually think of one graphics company that doesn't seem to be included, other than NVidia... who is it that makes the Power VR chipsets? I don't think the parent company's name is included... but then again they haven't released anything since KyroII in the DX7 days.

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