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Default Solaris versus Linux OpenGL performance

Has anyone examined the performance of OpenGL with Nvidia's driver on Solaris 10 versus Linux?

I have done some benchmarks using the same code compiled the same way-- on Solaris I setup it up as a real time process and on SuSE Enterprise Linux I setup it up as a regular process with the default priority 10. On Solaris when the application runs, it locks the system so it has exclusive access to all the resources. I am using a GeForce 7600 with driver 1.0 - 9755 on a PC with both OSes installed.

When I benchmark just the transfer from GPU to CPU (glReadPixels) I get a ~10% improvement in transfer time with Solaris versus Linux. However when I render, Solaris takes ~14% longer than SuSE. In the render I just issue commands to the GPU, i.e. set GL state parameters and tell GPU with sections of the vertex buffer to render from, and write to what texture.

I checked the GPU environment variables to make sure they are the same on the two OSes. I believe the issue is due to the driver and/or Solaris OS providing extra robustness checks that the SuSE Linux OS does not. Does anyone have experience with this issue or insight?


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