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Default Re: Problems with my external projector

Hi again,

I have been trying a lot of stuff like replacing the VGA cable with a new one, which did not work or installing a new linux (Debian) from scratch in an external hard drive, which produced the same results. As Netllama said, this has to be a hardware problem, hopefully in the projector and not my laptop. So the question now is: is it possible to "force" a resolution for the projector? In other words: When my laptop could read the EDID I found that the best resolution was 1280x720. However now I cannot choose this resolution. Is there any way I can choose this resolution now?
Another possibility would be to use other input of the projector. It has 3 more inputs apart from the VGA: S-Video, which I think does not have enough quality, Composite (RCA), which is worse than S-Video I think and finally there is this Component input which consists of 3 RCA inputs for red green and blue. If I use a DVI to RCA cable for example, will I be able to get 1280x720 resolution? (for example, this one

Thank you
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