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Originally posted by Slappi
Something that has me troubled is this: NV35 performs on par with the R9800pro in all games for the most part. A LOT OF GAMES. So why does ATI cards beat nVidia cards in 3DMark?!? Doesn't make sense to me. Sounds like 3DMark is a waste of code to me. There may be something to FM making nVidia look bad afterall. Who knows ...
You don't understand the point of 3DMark... it isn't supposed to show the performance of video cards with games available today... and it isn't a waste of code. It is supposed to show the performance of video cards for future DX9 games. So what this demonstrates is that while the NV3x line is quite adequate for current DX8 and below games... it is very likely to look A LOT weaker when DX9 games begin shipping. ^o^ That is why the name is FutureMark, after all!
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