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Default PCI MX4000 2D design or flaw?


I've got a weird problem. I have a Feisty installation with the following specs:

512mb of PC133 Ram
TUSI-M Motherboard (SIS 630ET chipset, 3 PCI Slots)
1st PCI: Intel 10/100 Lan
2nd PCI: USB2/Firewire Combo Card
3rd PCI: Nvidia Geforce4 MX4000 64MB PCI Video Card

I'm getting extremely high CPU usage for Xorg. Is this normal? I know I have an old old video card, and worse it's running on the PCI bus. (Which is hogged as well) I don't think that even 2D rendering should be this slow.

I have the nvidia binary drivers installed as well.

Does anyone have any ideas, or am I crazy to think this system can perform well?


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