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I think the other question is why does the NV35 perform well in games but not in 3DMark 03... someone needs to disect the drivers and look to see if it's 'cheating' in the more common demos as well... there are hints of it, but not enough evidence to say with any assurance this is a happeningy... doesn't make sense. If they aren't, why not bother to do the right thing in 3DMark03?

Or... is 3DMark03 really bent out of whack from center towards ATI equipment?

YOu could take the reply to mean what it hints at... ATI worked their drivers to do well in 3DMark03 (or 3DMark leaned towards ATI hardware) and Nvidia decided that it wasn't representative and they wouldn't bother.

But that lstill eaves the question of why bother with the 'cheat' after the fact?

What a mess... seems like an answer crafted to raise more questions and throw up more FUD/FOG than it answers... typical corporate speak.
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